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Alegria Community Living provides support professionals for six homes in Alameda County and three homes in Contra Costa County. Most homes have a “sister house” located just a short distance away. Residents of both houses are encouraged to socialize and our team strives to support a sense of community not only between the two homes but for all residents living in Alegria supported homes and within our communities.

All Administrators are licensed by the State and maintain their certifications. This includes attending relevant training and conferences. Each home also has a full time Lead Staff who is licensed by the State as an Administrator. This ensures coverage for each home during vacation, leaves of absence, etc.

Each of the houses supports 3 or 4 residents who have private bedrooms. The homes are located in safe, residential, upscale neighborhoods. The homes were chosen for their close proximity to hospitals, community centers, recreational areas, landscaped neighborhoods, and pleasant surroundings. Ownership of the homes is provided by a separate non-profit corporation, the Housing Consortium of the East Bay (HCEB). HCEB is dedicated to maintaining permanent housing for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These homes clearly belong to the individuals who live in them – they are not Alegria Community Living properties. What this means is that these homes will not shut down or go out of business, but will remain in service for people with disabilities as long as they desire to live there.

Woodland Home
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