Alegria Presents…

A wellness training series

for Direct Support Professionals working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Course Descriptions

Medication Management
  • Instructor: Ashton Paul, RN
  • Length of Course: 4 Hours (4 ARM credits)
  • Fee: $100 per person

This course will cover all aspects of medication administration – including responsibilities of the caregiver regarding medication management, clients’ rights, MAR documentation, storage, proper disposal of medications, and drug interactions.

Common Health Issues Typical of Adults with IDD
  • Instructor: Ashton Paul, RN
  • Length of course: 4 hours (4 ARM credits)
  • Fee: $100 per person

This 4-hour class will review some of the most common health and aging issues found in individuals with developmental disabilities. These conditions include Dysphagia and Aspiration, Urinary Tract Infections, Constipation, Seizure Disorders, Dehydration, GERD, and Poor Dentition. Common signs and symptoms (especially non-verbal) will be reviewed as well as common treatments and support practices. Routine screenings and prophylactic measures can be used for prevention and increased quality of life, especially for individuals with difficulty communicating for themselves.

Dysphagia and Specialized Dietary Needs
  • Instructor: Ashton Paul, RN
  • Length of course: 2 hours (2 ARM credits)
  • Fee: $55 per person

This class will provide information regarding dysphagia. You will learn more about the causes, symptoms and best practices in supporting individuals with swallowing difficulties. There will be information regarding various types of modified diets and hands-on food preparation demonstrations.

Positive Behavioral Support
  • Instructor: Sara Sanders, PsyD
  • Length of course: 3 hours (3 ARM credits)
  • Fee: $85 per person

This course will provide information on a function-based approach to reducing challenging behaviors by working together creatively to replace them with prosocial skills. Case examples will be used to demonstrate this approach.

Mandt System®
  • Instructors: Elizabeth Jolivet & Emily Matias
  • Length of course: 2 days (14 hour course)
  • Fee: $250 per person
  • Note: Level 4 providers are not eligible to receive ARM credits

The Mandt System® is an internationally recognized comprehensive training program based on the philosophy of supporting people, not just their behaviors. The training maintains a focus on preventing crisis, de-escalating crisis and on the safety of all people. Mandt System® promotes restraint reduction and restraint elimination is the ultimate goal. Participants would receive a 2-year certification from Mandt System® as well as a comprehensive course booklet. The Regional Center supports this training as an alternative to ProAct or CPI.

First Aid/AED/CPR – Adult, Child & Infant
  • Instructors: Jennifer Baldwin LVN / Christopher “John” Gutierrez, LVN
  • Length of course: 5 hours
  • Fee: $58 per person
  • Note: This class is not eligible for ARM credit.

Receive your First Aid/AED/CPR certificate from certified Red Cross instructors. Small class size for individualized teaching and quality practice mannequins for positive reinforcement training.

Mental Health Issues for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Instructor: Jennifer Weiner, LMFT
  • Length of course: 3 hours (3 ARM credits)
  • Fee: $75 per person

This course will provide basic information on identifying Mental Health Issues in individuals with IDD. It will also include various treatments, a review of resources in our community, and case studies for discussion.

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