Supportive homes expressing a sense of belonging, beauty, community, and joy.

Therapeutic environments include: stimulating designs, use of multi-sensory equipment and lovely garden areas. Art supplies and sports equipment will be available at all times. Each individual will feel safe, supported, and heard by staff.

Alternative therapies and trained consultants will be offered in this program. These may include art therapy, music therapy, massage therapy, equine therapy, pet therapy, and sand tray therapy. Consumers will have the option to explore and incorporate different therapies into their weekly schedules.

Individuals will decide how their homes will be designed, decorated, and furnished. From the construction to the color on the walls, Alegria intends to create homes that inspire peace, growth, and creativity. Individuals will have a sense of ownership and belonging within their homes.

Transitioning to a new home provides the opportunity for emotional growth. Our Behavioral Consultants, Dr. Lisa Keliher, Jack Cunningham, BCBA and Dr. Sanders will design, implement, and monitor a positive support plan for each individual in need of support in this area. In addition, they will train staff in supportive behavioral techniques and model these techniques and interventions with the individuals served.

Individuals will have the option of using personal counseling initially, as needed, or on a regular basis. This service will also be available for families, if requested.

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