Excellent Staffing: at least 2-3 staff on duty 24 hours a day.
Focus on Preventive Medical and Dental Care.

We will work collaboratively with each individual’s physician or specialist and will ensure that orders and recommendations are integrated into clients’ individual health care plans.

Alegria holds strongly to the commitment of creating health for each resident and understands that needs change over time. Initial and ongoing assessments and screening are provided.

Services will include complete and current medical care and dental care with a preventive focus. Ongoing training will be provided to keep staff current and capable of identifying the medical needs of each individual we support. In addition, each individual will have access to a dental hygienist and psychiatrist on a regular basis. Depending on their needs, they may also receive occupational, physical, speech, and respiratory therapies. All homes are equipped for individuals who are non-ambulatory.

Alegria will build relationships with the local hospital staff, fire department, and police department to ensure immediate and appropriate response to any crisis that may arise.

One-on-one staff support for each client enables consumers to successfully and safely meet their social, emotional, and practical goals.

Alegria understands that well-paid, valued, supported, and well-trained staff are going to provide consistent and quality care. Ongoing training, monitoring, and development of staff will ensure that Alegria’s broader vision will be realized by each individual we serve.

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