Alegria believes in preventing health problems before they occur. This begins with good nutrition and a healthy diet. Our staff will be trained by our holistic chef, Trudy Schafer, helping to create delicious, healthy, and varied home-cooked meals. Individual tastes, cultures, and favorite foods will be incorporated into our menus. Food options will be available at each meal. Special diets will be accommodated and delicious as well. Food will be available at all times and cooking will be encouraged and taught.

The homes are located in safe, residential, upscale neighborhoods. The homes are chosen for their close location to hospitals, community centers, recreational areas, landscaped neighborhoods, and pleasant surroundings.

The ownership of the homes will be provided by a separate nonprofit corporation, The Housing Consortium of the East Bay, who are dedicated to maintaining permanent housing for people with developmental disabilities. These homes will clearly belong to the individuals who live in them—they will not be “Alegria properties.” Alegria will focus on providing excellent support services that meet the changing needs of each unique person we serve.

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