Within the community, individuals can experience socialization, friendship, activity, and fun. Family and friends increase livelihood and a sense of belonging.

The agency has a strong transitional support system for all the people it serves, especially those with behavioral and medical support needs. Alegria has developed a multi-faceted array of services for the individuals, their family members, and loved ones.

Relationships with family and friends are extremely important in one’s life. Alegria will support each individual to create and maintain relationships of their choice. This support can manifest itself in different ways such as family nights at the home, sharing meals and activities, as well as honoring family customs and holidays. Within our homes we will provide easy and confidential ways for families and friends to share their feedback regarding the care and support provided by Alegria.

Because of the excellent staff-to-resident ratio, Alegria can provide an easy, safe, and accompanied transition into community events and daily life. Alegria will offer group and individual activities and experiences based on the interests of each person served.

Support staff will be trained and prepared for integration concerns and any social or behavioral concerns that may arise within the new experience of extended community and social freedoms.

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